This is why my mobile internet pack gets exhausted every month!!

Har ek ‘KB, MB, GB’ zaroori hota hai!

Using around 1 GB worth mobile internet data, but billed for 1.38 GB? Suddenly your mobile bills have skyrocketed due to increased data charges, without you really using much? How did that happen?

The answer is…

“Automatically playing video advertisements!” In the past few months, there has been an increase of upto 50% in the mobile internet data billing. Over a whopping 21% of Indian smartphone users’ internet data billing has increased by more than 50% only due to automatic buffering of video advertisements while surfing a website or using a mobile application. This means that when you are on a website or using a mobile application like Facebook, Instagram, etc., a video advertisement automatically starts playing. This consumes your mobile internet services. An unbelievable 42% of the users aren’t even aware that such video advertisements lead to an increased consumption of mobile internet data. Such videos cause the consumers to face hidden data charges, without them even being aware of it or opting for it. Instead of the advertisers, it is the consumers who pay and suffer.

Only 10% of users have implemented a solution to this – be among them

The issue has reached the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) that automatic video buffering and content downloading as a cause of concern for smartphone users. However, no action has been taken on this matter until now.

As a consumer, it is time to take action! Download an ‘ad-blocking software’, such as ‘AdBlock Plus’ (available on all mobile platforms) to circumvent this problem. Such softwares block advertisements when you browse websites and mobile applications, thereby ensuring that your mobile internet data is not consumed, and that you are protected from viruses. As of now, only 10% of Indian smartphone users have installed ad-blocking softwares on their phones.

AS A CONSUMER – have you noticed a surge in data usage too… What actions have you taken?

 (Picture created by Shilka Edakkara)

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