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10 shopping tips to shop smart during sales

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“Because, shopping is cheaper than therapy, and thankfully, we have these shopping tips!”

July is almost here, and it’s time to rain discounts, and while that means a new wardrobe, it also implies the possibility of burning a hole in your pocket. Invariably, discounts and schemes make us purchase much, much more than what we actually need, and a lot more than what we would have budgeted for!

So here are some smart shopping tips and tricks that will guide you through these ‘tough times’ ?

  1. Only buy what you need

Make a mental (and if possible, a written) list of things you absolutely need. Just because an expensive (and not completely necessary) item is available at a flat 40%, does NOT make it necessary!

  1. Choose quality over quantity

Every time you open your wardrobe, your clothes fall out and invariably, they’re things you don’t need. This is a clear indication that you’ve been choosing quantity over quality. Just because a store has flat 50% off, doesn’t mean you buy everything you see. You might end up realizing how the fabric is too flimsy or not weather friendly at all and eventually, it’s going to be such a waste of money.

  1. Only buy what fits you

You’re eyeing a dress, it’s on sale, and at a 40% off, but the problem is – they have one size smaller. Do not buy it hoping that you will spend an added 30 minutes at the gym. Nah! This is clearly impractical unless you’re already on a mission towards weight loss and have been noticing results. It’s best to invest in something that fits you now than having your wardrobe filled with things that don’t quite work for your body type.

  1. Set a budget – and stick to it

If you are on a budget, emptying out your wallet by buying everything that catches your eye is not a wise move. Think before you get into that store – set a budget that is reasonable. And make sure you keep calculating as you drop things in that giant shopping bag.

  1. Use the ‘5 times rule’

There’s this piece of clothing, which is too dressy, or different, from what you can wear to work, or casually, and now it’s on sale! Should you buy it? Before deciding, ask yourself this: do you see its true potential? Can you think of 5 ways to wear it? If yes, go ahead and get it! If you feel it’s too niche and can’t think of more than one occasion to wear it to, drop it – it’s not a good idea to invest in it right now!

  1. Make friends with shop assistants

Friendly shop assistants are your key to finding out when further reductions will be made and whether there are more sizes in the stockroom.

  1. Check the items for any damage – and don’t ignore this

Often, stores put damaged articles on sale. Before billing anything, thoroughly check clothes for any stains or broken buttons and zips, check bags for damages, etc.

  1. Get on the mailing list of your favourite stores

If you wait to check your favourite sites and see the sale has started, you could have already missed out on the best bits, and sizes. Sign up to mailing lists so that you’re notified instantly – some brands even offer sale previews to those who have signed up so you get first dibs.

  1. Pay with cash

The research is clear: we pay 20 – 50% more when we shop with magic plastic, whether it’s using a credit or debit card. TO ensure you don’t overspend, withdraw your funds in cash and use only that cash for this shopping trip. Paying with cash feels more “real”, and it helps you keep track of how much you’re down already!

  1. Don’t shop when you are tired, hungry, lonely, bored or upset

Emotional states lead people to overshop and they almost always end up buying things they don’t want or need. Feeling tired, hungry, lonely, bored or upset are some of the most common emotional triggers that prompt people to shop unconsciously and therefore not smartly. If you are feeling any of those emotions – you are tired, hungry, lonely, bored, and upset – don’t go shopping. Do something else until you feel on more of an emotional even keel.

And, last of all, don’t buy just because it’s on sale. ‘Sale’ really is a four-letter word! It is possibly responsible for more impulse shopping than almost any other word! Remember that a bargain is not a bargain if it’s not you, doesn’t fit correctly, you don’t love it, or it doesn’t fill a legitimate gap you have and is therefore not a real need. Don’t forget to keep these shopping tips in mind!

NOTE: These 10 bargaining tips will definitely up your game:


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