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5 biggest lies of the fitness industry that no gym or trainer will tell you

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“Fitness is not a destination – it is a way of life!”

We have often heard that not everything you see is what it seems. The fitness industry is no different – yes there’s a sheen of glamour, but what really happens behind the scenes is very different. Does the layout of your gym cause infections to be spread? Is your fitness trainer educated? Are those supplements genuine? Is there really any way to find out?

Here’s a list of ‘fitness myths’:

  • Most of the recommended supplements actually damage your body

The supplement industry has been making crores and crores in revenue. More often than not, these supplements have chemicals that harm the body in the long run. And with the rising number of fake supplements that are being sold, the situation is only worsening. One wrong move and it could cost you your life. Read the ingredients, their side-effects and then select the one that works best for you, and be cautious about where you buy your supplements from.

  • Does your trainer have ‘your’ best interest at heart?

It feels nice (and of course, motivating) when your trainer from your gym calls you up the day before to confirm the session. Or maybe, gets very strict about you missing your sessions. Of course being regular is essential. But it’s not always for your own benefit that trainers do this. Most gyms run on a business model which allows a trainer to earn more based on the number of sessions he has conducted. These are targets given by the gym for trainers who work as a mutual benefit for the club as well. If you are not aware but trainers get paid a certain percentage commission from the whole sum you pay. In order to get paid the whole commission at the end of the month, the target should be met. If not the slice of the cake becomes smaller. The quicker you finish your PT package, the better it is for the gym and the trainer. So, if you ever wonder why your trainer insists you come to train on a weekend or even when you are sore or perhaps loses his cool when you cancel out on him at the last minute, this may just be the reason.

  • Weight-training does not make a woman ‘bulky and man-like’

Women often have a misconception that they shouldn’t lift heavy weights or else they will get ‘’bulky,’’ or possibly injured. What the misled female fitness population fails to realize is the muscular tone they are looking for is a combination of added muscle, and in some instances, a decrease in body fat. This look is accomplished by performing strength training and sticking primarily to compound exercises, using weights that are challenging (in other words, heavy!).

  • Are gym ratings and rankings genuine?

A lot of bodies grade fitness clubs and rank them from 1 to 5 stars. Getting the approval of these organizations means that now the club you are a member of is equipped with the best machinery and facilities. However, is that really the case? Perhaps the sales or membership consultant shows you a very colourful picture of the gym, promising you the best trainers who will give you personal attention for free. Once the grading is done, many local gyms do not bother to maintain the standards of the gym they once kept on day 1. Everything changes, except that portrait on the wall with the 5-star rating. During your tour around the gym, if you come across machinery that is not working, the standard answer would be that the maintenance dept is on it and it will be repaired in no time. One problem leads to another and the list only gets bigger.

  • Don’t fall for ‘fitness awards’

As of now, in India, there is no legitimate body that gives away fitness awards to fitness professionals. Most of the current fitness awards (yes, there are quite a few fitness awards in our country) are conducted just for the purpose of making money.

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