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7 ways to use technology to make daily life easier…

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“The world is changing with technology – it is time to change yours!”

It often happens that we forget to carry a file to work, or mess up the timings of an important meeting, or worse so, completely forget to complete an important task. Most of us have lived through such moments, only to come out much wiser and a wee bit more organized. But still, the most organized people also have scope for being more organized. Being organized is a habit which is nothing short of a necessity in today’s demanding world.

Thankfully, we live in a day and age where technology has the potential to become our virtual assistant and ensure that we are better organized.

Here are some following simple ways in which you can better plan your days and accomplish more:

  1. A to-do list: the good old to-do list will never go out of fashion. It is one of the best ways to ensure that you complete everything you plan for in a day. This can be effectively maintained on your mobile phone, and can be synced on your laptop as well, using various applications such as ‘Google Keep’, ‘Evernote’, and ‘Awesome Note’ – all for free!
  2. Converting from paper to digital is great, but, being able to access those digital files from anywhere across the globe is greater. Now, it is extremely easy to do that thanks to applications like ‘Dropbox’, where you can store any file and access it from anywhere across the globe where there is internet connection. Make sure to keep all important files on such applications so that you are not limited by geographical locations.
  3. You can use applications like ‘Pocket’ to save links and read them later. For example, you come across a webpage that has relevant information but you can’t read it on the spot. Chances are, you will forget to go back to it and read this. To avoid this, you can copy the link and add it to Pocket. You can then go to Pocket and open the link at your convenience. And that too, without data services (since it gets downloaded when you add the link to Pocket), and ensure that you don’t miss out on any important read. You can even save videos here for viewing them later. You can use this application across mobile phones and desktops – all for free!
  4. Manage your day-to-day expenses on the move with applications like ‘’, ‘GoodBudget’, “Pocket Expense’ so that you know exactly where your money is flowing. They also give you a periodical report to understand your spending patterns better – all for free!
  5. Automatic payments: give standing instructions to your bank for auto-debit of various recurring utility bills such as electricity, telephone bills, etc., so that timely payment can be made without you having to physically pay or transfer the amount periodically.
  6. Use a virtual scheduler to manage your meetings and appointments such as ‘Google Calendar’, ‘Doodle’, ‘TimeBridge’, ‘Meet-o-Matic’ – all for free! These meeting schedulers sync with your calendar and even send invites and reminders to your guests to ensure that everything goes off smoothly.
  7. You don’t need a paper and pen to take notes any more. Applications like Lino provide free online stickies that allow you to take notes, write reminders and pictures and organize them visually on a canvas.  Post a sticky and set a due date and you will receive an email reminder when it is due – all for free!

It’s time to befriend technology – happy geeking!

(Picture created by Shilka Edakkara)

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