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8 tricks sales staff never tell you about

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“Sales benefit the stores, not the customers!”

Stores use various tricks to ensure than we spend more. Most of the sales staff are paid commissions on the sales they make, and hence, they often trick you into buying much, much more than what you’d have planned for.

Here is a list of 8 tricks sales staff will never tell you about, which induces you to make that purchase:

  1. Store often raise the prices before going on sales

Sometimes, stores artificially raise the prices just before the sale to announce it later and attract customers.


  1. ‘Upto’ 70% off: most of the items will be 10-20% off

Ads and shop windows can claim sales of up to 70%, but you’ll only find such a discount on a single item (which, most likely, you wouldn’t like anyway). For everything else (i.e., the stuff that you actually like), prices are cut by no more than 10-20%. Customers barge into shops seeing the 70% discount, and half the work is done. Then, the sales staff use these other techniques to make you purchase something!

  1. Just because it is branded, it doesn’t mean it guarantees quality

Large brands sometimes create clothes made with well-known designers. Their aim is to make customers pay more for exclusive items. However, the only thing exclusive about them is their limited edition, and the quality of such clothes isn’t any better than the rest

  1. The sales section looks disorderly on purpose

Have you ever noticed how all the clothes in a store are neatly folded or racked, while the sales section is in total chaos with things piled in heaps? This is done on purpose to make a customer feel happy that he or she found a nice bargain in that mess and run to buy it immediately.

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  1. Synthetic items cost the same as those made with natural fabrics

Manufacturers often overprice synthetic clothes to give customers an incentive to buy more expensive items made from natural fabrics. The customer thinks that a cotton or woolen blouse isn’t that expensive compared to a synthetic one and buys it without a second thought.

  1. Designer clothes are of worse quality in outlets than the same items in boutiques

Striving to save money, many people go to outlets for designer items. However, clothes and accessories there only look like they’re from designer collections. Lux brands often make items from cheap materials specifically for outlets to receive income from those who can’t afford their clothes in expensive boutiques.

  1. Poor quality goods – on purpose

Our parents have left us things that we can still wear. Today’s clothes, however, are often of poor quality: all bad stitches, poorly printed images, cheap plastic fittings, and so on. This is exactly the aim of the manufacturers: to make things quick and cheap so that we buy them more often.

  1. Fashion trends that change every week

The times when there were only two seasons, spring/summer and fall/winter, are gone with the wind. Modern clothes manufacturers have taken up on microtrends. New fashionable items appear in stores almost every week, so you want more and spend more

So next time you go shopping, be smart!

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