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#BeHealthy – You are what you eat!

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“Take care of your body – it is the only place you have to live!”

Who can curb the pungent smell of the spicy blend of special bhaji served with soft buttered pav? Or resist from tasting the piquant crisp golgappas stalled on the street next door?

Albeit we know that street food could have a pernicious impact on our health severally, we nevertheless still continue to hog on that oily fried food savouresly. Perhaps because we remain unaware of how acutely it could injure not merely just our physical health but also taint our mental sanity. Yes you read it right!

Research does prove that the food we eat affects the way we think and has a great impact on our state of mind as well. This is termed as ‘the food-mood connection’, which proves that treating yourself with an unhealthy diet occasionally could deteriorate your mental well-being to an extent that could even coil you into serious depression gradually.

Street food is tasty, inexpensive and has become the new trend in the city especially for the working class who find it convenient to have a quick bite on their way to work. But what would happen if the same street food was tested on its quality and hygiene?

Here are the 5 primary culprits found in street food that would permanently refrain you from trying any of that unhygienic street food ever again.

  • Artificial Sweeteners:

Can that pasta sauce served by countless street stalls really have artificial sweeteners in them? Well yes. Critics claim that these could cause hallucinations or even worse brain tumors. Also, research findings observe that these sweeteners reduce the serotonin levels significantly which are the happy hormones in the brain. So the next time you find yourself dejected and in a downhearted mood, you know the cause!

  • Sodium Benzoate:

This is one of the most cheap and widely used food preservative. It is known as a very strong addictive which is added to a variety of foods and when eaten causes a high risk of cancer and premature aging too.

  • Trans-fat:

These are created in industries by adding hydrogen to liquid vegetable oils to make them more solid. So when the street food is fried continuously in the oil which is used repetitively for the whole day, they become high saturated fats which lead to cardio diseases and diabetes. (Fact: foods with trans-fat were permanently banned in the USA by the FDA due to not being recognized safe)

  • Germ Infections:

Due to the street food resting open to all the dirt and pollution on the streets, all throughout the day and in addition, being exposed to the flies and mosquitos, can cause a person with a weak immune system to fall sick very frequently. Also, the dangerous germs in the hand of the food maker could cause a danger to your well-being as well.

  • Glucose Spiking:

White rice, noodles and almost all fast food items, spike blood sugar in your body which leads to an increased risk of diabetes and serious complications with your vision, nerves and your cardiovascular system.

So the next time you encounter that street food tempting your taste buds, don’t let it snap you down! Consider these healthy options instead:

  • Replace those sodas and colas with buttermilk
  • Skip the appetizers – from deep-fried samosas to rich paneer, many Indian appetizers are high in fat and carbohydrates. To save your appetite — and the calories — for the meal ahead, skip these unhealthy appetizers. If you must get a starter, stick to soup.
  • Stay away from “paneer,” “ghee” or “malai”. Paneers are high-fat cheese, while ghee is clarified butter and malai is cream. None of them is a healthy option for your Indian meal.
  • Look for ‘tandoori’ items – tandoori items are made in a traditional clay oven called a tandoor. Because of the method of cooking, the dishes tend to be lean.
  • An Indian meal might seem incomplete without naan, but it’s also a source of empty calories. Instead, order a side of roti or a whole-wheat bread.


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