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#BestApps – Apps You Never Knew You Needed

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“Your smartphone is your lifeline to the outside world!”

The truth is that it’s not our phones that we are addicted to; it’s the apps in our phone that keep us obsessed on that gadget at all times. We tend to download a bunch of these apps every month and then one fine day when it all starts to overcrowd, we decide to delete all of those that we barely even used and only hang on to a few really necessary ones. So, which are the apps that you absolutely cannot stay without?

Here is what you need: This article gathers the most utility-based apps effective to be used on a daily basis. So, halt your Whatsapp messenger and turn down your Xender for a while to read on and find out the 5 apps you need to maintain in your life – for optimum utility.


Either as a teenager in school or as an adult at workplace, we have all felt humiliated when our colleagues or friends have serious discussions on global issues or latest technological advancements, or even on human psychology, and we have no trace of any information on the subject matter at all! No more a problem – UNO-IT is to your rescue. It is the first-ever mobile app tailored to precisely satisfy the youth’s requirements. It keeps you updated on the latest events, news and to enrich it, the app also keeps in mind the youth’s hectic schedule and thus serves the content in a strictly brief and simple, easy- to- understand manner. So, no more do you need to spend hours submerged in thick books or reading those exhausting newspapers because the next time someone discusses crucial issues with you, you’ll know it all! (UNO-IT all!)

Special Feature: Unlike any other app, Uno-It provides you with a unique option to have a direct conversation to chat with the author of the post that you choose to read. It also is a platform where you can contribute, so that your opinion becomes the news!

Download Now on the PlayStore:


Late for a meeting but need to immediately get your documents scanned? CamScanner helps you scan, store and easily share your documents via email attachment or through your social media links. CamScanner also optimizes your scan quality and serves you with an option to choose a PDF or JPEG format to share your documents in. It enables you to set a passcode for all your supreme documents to keep your files secured with confidentiality.

Download Now:


This app will help you store your online article, video or link and save them to make available for you to read it offline. It also helps you to customize the pocket to match it with your reading style and format the app accordingly. It is designed to offer the user with unlimited storage space and allows you to share your stories with your loved ones with ease. So now, no internet is more an excuse – happy offline reading!

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SwiftKey Keyboard

It provides you with hassle-free typing where the app uses artificial intelligence to learn the user’s writing style and the words frequently used to predict the text and types it for you. It supports more than a hundred languages and is available in various different themes and colours to choose from. SwiftKey Keyboard thus makes typing easier and faster than ever before.

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Evernote particularly helps you to stay organized from making a to-do list to scribbling down creatives ideas all under one such app. It helps you take notes in various forms such as plain text, photographs or even video clippings, where the user can create his own checklist or set reminders for completion of pending tasks. Moreover, this user-friendly app also allows you to sync and share ideas across various other connected devices too.

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Download your constructive apps now!

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