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Here is how you can delete your presence from the internet..

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“The ultimate control is the power of destruction!”

In this century, our life on the Internet is as important as our life outside it. The line between the real and virtual world is blurring with each passing moment. Your activity on the internet, whether it is uploading pictures, writing your views, or shopping, is all tracked, stored, and analyzed somewhere by someone. This virtual world is so vast that we often forget which areas of the internet we are present on. For example, that one newsletter you signed up for a couple of years ago. You forgot about it, and it still has your data. Or that product you added on your cart somewhere but never actually bought it. It is still haunting you virtually. That game you registered for but never actually played it. The blog you subscribed to but never wrote or read anything. And the list will just go on. Is there a way whereby you can track all of these signups etc.? And get rid of what you don’t want? Thankfully, yes!

Welcome to “DESEAT.ME”

Swedish developers have have built ‘’. It asks you to give access to your Google account using OAuth. OAuth an open standard for authorization which allows an app to access contents without sharing your username or password. Once you’ve granted that, it scans through your mailbox. It then matches online services you may have subscribed to. After this, it will provide you with handy links to delete your account from each of these services. The service is also said to offer instructions on how you can delete those accounts for good. It doesn’t delete everything at once. You choose which ones you want to delete after you get a full list. The service claims that they take privacy and data security seriously. It suggests that the only information shared with them are the various accounts you’ve subscribed to. And of course, which you want to delete. They use Google’s security protocol to ensure security, privacy and protection.

Visit to realign your virtual presence!

While not practical for everybody, some of you may want to remove your existence from the Internet. It is no more a daunting task due to services like this that help you ‘deseat’ from the internet – at the mere click of a button.

Happy Deseating!

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