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Do the health benefits of milk outweigh the adulteration? And, is there an alternative?

Lovely Friesian cow and herd leader (cow herds commonly have leaders).

Desi cow (Indigenous cow) is not commodity, but a mother who nourishes you!

Contributed by DearCows:

Today’s milk, is it even healthy?

Not everything that is white embodies purity!

This is the state of our milk industry today. Words such as cruelty and adulterated have become synonyms for this industry. To meet the growing demands, commercial milk industries target the very source of milk production, the cows. These cows face immense cruelty, wherein they are injected with hormones such as oxytocin that unwillingly impregnate them. Another form of cruelty is seen during the milking period where the calf is neglected from their mother’s milk and the entire milk is sucked out using machines for the purpose of human consumption.

Increasing health problems, shift towards veganism and ‘no-milk’ attitude is a result of this dreadful process.

No milk or A2 milk?

Did you know that there are two types of cows, ones that don’t have a hump on their back, and the ones that do? These two kinds are classified as western cow breeds called Jersey and Hostein.F and Indigenous Indian cow breeds called Desi Cows (Gir, Rathi, Kankrej, etc) respectively.

These hump-less cows Jersey and Holstein.F produce the A1 type of milk protein, which cannot be broken down further into amino acids and thereby becomes indigestible for the body. This is also the milk that we as consumers currently consume of all the well-known brands influenced by the marketing jargon “pure cow milk”.

What is pure and healthy, is the milk of Indigenous Indian cow breeds. These Desi cows nurture us just like our own mothers. Their milk contains an effective A2 beta-casein protein that gets broken down into amino acids for easy digestion. This milk has a natural sweetness, boosts immunity, increases good (HDL) cholesterol, nourishes body tissues and helps in growth and development of a child’s brain.

Is DearCows the solution?

We all agree that a shift from A1 milk to A2 milk is needed, but is there an availability of A2 milk in the urban cities?

Yes, we at DearCows provide daily doorstep delivery of A2 Gir Cow milk across homes of people in Mumbai. This milk comes from the rural regions of Pune, where resides a community of Gwalas who nurture, care and invest time for the wellbeing of our cows. We practice a hygienic and cruelty-free milking process. Moreover, we give Re. 1 for every 1Litre consumed by you back to the community to support activities related to Desi Cows.

Our vision is to provide a healthier milk option to all our consumers by connecting the urban demand to the rural supply.

Start supplies to your homes immediately by logging on to our website at

If you want to share your story, write to us at [email protected] and we’ll give you a platform!

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