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Dreaming of becoming a successful billionaire? Do these 10 things immediately

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“The greatest reward in becoming a billionaire is not the amount of money that you earn. It is the kind of person that you have to become to become a billionaire.”

Most people wish their circumstances would magically change for them. Here’s the difference – those who ultimately make it big in life and are successful, are the ones who, instead, have the desire to become better themselves so they can proactively improve their own circumstances, instead of waiting for circumstances to improve.

The quality of who you are as a person, and the work you do, is completely within your control. But you can’t wish for it to happen. You must become the kind of person who naturally attracts the success you seek.

Here are 10 rules to follow if you want to become a billionaire:

  1. Invest At Least 10% Of Your Income In Yourself

If you don’t pay for something, you rarely pay attention. Most people want stuff that’s free. But if you get something for free, you rarely prize that thing. You rarely take it seriously. Are you investing enough in yourself? If you aren’t investing in yourself, then you don’t have any skin in the game of your own life. If you aren’t invested in your business, you probably won’t do high quality work. If you’re not invested in your relationships, you’re probably more focused on what you can get than what you can give. When it comes to self-improvement, investing 10% of your income on yourself will yield a 100X or more return on that investment. For every Rupee you spend on your education, skills, and relationships, you’ll get at least 100 Rupees back in returns. If you don’t have much money, surely you can afford to buy a book. How much money and time do you spend on entertainment, clothes, or food? It’s a matter of priority. It’s only when you invest in something that you have the motivation to make it happen.

You should invest in education programs such as online courses, books, quality products such as food and sleep. Your level of success can generally be directly measured by your level of investment. If you’re not getting the results you want, it’s because you haven’t invested enough to get those results. Your number 1 investment must be yourself – if you want to become successful in life.

  1. Invest At Least 80% Of Your “Off” Time Into Learning

Most people are consumers rather than creators. They are at work to get their paycheck, not to make a difference. When left to their own devices, most people consume their time as well. It is only by investing your time that you get a return on that time. Nearly every second spent on social media is consumed time. You can’t have that time back. Rather than making your future better, it actually made your future worse. Just like eating bad food, every consumed moment leaves you worse off. Every invested moment leaves you better off. Learn to invest atleast 80% of your free time into learning and growing.

The world’s most successful people are intense learners. They are hard readers. They know that what they know determines how well they see the world. They know that what they know determines the quality of relationships they can have and the quality of work they can do.

  1. Don’t Work For Money, Work To Learn

Just as a large majority of your down-time should be spent learning, so should a great deal of your “working” time. Wealthy and happy people, who are very successful, actually work to learn. Unsuccessful and unhappy people work primarily for money. Only 20% of your energy should be spent doing your actual work. The rest should be spent learning, improving yourself, and resting. It is by “sharpening your saw” that you’ll continue to become a better and more capable person. Thus, as you dedicate large portions of time becoming a better thinker, communicator, and better at your craft, the quality of your work will continue to increase. Eventually, you’ll be able to charge VERY VERY high fees for your work, because no one else can do it like you.

  1. Invest At Least 10% Of Your Income Into Vehicles That Will Generate More Money

Very few people create true wealth and are truly successful in life. Even those who have high incomes are not truly wealthy. Most people’s lifestyles match their incomes. When they make more, they consume more. In fact, most people make money solely to consume. Very few people make money to invest that money. It’s best to think of your business as only 1/2 of your income equation. You have your business which brings income. Then, you have your investment entity to turn your income into even more money.

  1. Shift Your Motivation From Getting To Giving

“The world gives to the givers and takes from the takers.” — Joe Polish

Most people are only focused on what they can get out of life. However, once you become more consciously awake to the world, your desire will shift from merely receiving to giving. You’ll realize that it’s actually far more satisfying to give than to get. Moreover, you’ll be driven by a cause you fully believe in.

The truth is, you really only have 1 of 2 orientations towards people (and life) – either you are in relationships as TRANSACTIONS, or as TRANSFORMATIONS. Most people have transactional relationships. They’re focused only on what they get out of the relationship. It’s all about furthering their own agenda. It’s rooted in scarcity. It’s selfish. This isn’t how you get far in relationships and life. It’s also how you get stuck in your own small-mindedness. Transformational relationships, on the other hand, are completely focused on giving and gratitude — the hallmarks of abundance. In these relationships, the whole becomes more than the sum of parts. Both parties, in vulnerability and trust, transcend their own small-mindedness and become something more. At the core, this requires being a giver, not a taker.

Here’s a pro-tip: don’t surround yourself with takers.

When your motivation is to give, you’ll often get insights about how you can improve your relationships. Random thoughts will pop into you head to send “Thank you” texts to various people. You’ll have more ideas about how you can improve other people’s lives and businesses. You’ll start contributing more, which will lead to far more opportunities and deeper relationships. People will come to love and trust you. Your work will be motivated by a higher cause and thus will be far more inspired and impactful.

  1. Openly Acknowledge How Dependent You Are On Other People

Just because your primary motivation is to give, doesn’t mean you don’t also seek a lot of help. Actually, you are constantly seeking and receiving help. The truth is, everyone is highly dependent on other people to do what they do. But it takes wisdom and humility to openly acknowledge that dependence. Rather than seeing it as a weakness, realize that it’s a strength. Beyond acknowledging your dependence, constantly express your appreciation to the people in your life. That which you appreciate, appreciates. Relationships are assets that can and should grow bigger and better over time. As the brilliant entrepreneur Michael Fishman has said, “Self-made is an illusion. There are many people who played divine roles in you having the life that you have today. Be sure to let them know how grateful you are.”

  1. Set 10X Goals and Face Your Fears

Look at your current goals. Why is that your metric for “success”? Why is that your target? What would happen if, in all seriousness, you 10X’d that target? What if rather than earning Rs. 50,000/month, you pursued Rs. 5,00,000/month?

Is that even possible? Of course it’s possible. There are several successful people doing it. The only difference between them and you is their strategy. When you set a 10X goal, you’re required to think very differently about your daily behaviors. You’re required to be more serious in all aspects of your life. You’re required to eliminate limiting thinking and consumptive distractions. Setting a 10X goal will be one of the best things you’ve ever done for yourself. This goal should be created while you are in a peak state. You get into a peak state by doing something powerful, whether that be exercising, learning, or being in a unique environment, such as a foreign country. You can even get into a peak state by being around certain types of people, the ones who inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Only you know what gets you into a peak and passionate state. So, do whatever it is that gets you there, and then write down your goals. Declare what you’re going to do. Then write that goal down and visualize its achievement every single day until it becomes your reality. When you think about this goal, don’t deviate from the natural flow of ideas that follow – and start working upon them.

  1. Get Really Really Good At Marketing

Marketing is nothing more than applied psychology. It’s about connecting with people, persuading them, and helping them. Many people think marketing is a nasty or immoral thing.  Marketing is nothing more than making your work easier and better to find and use. People aren’t magically going to appear and buy your stuff. People aren’t going to magically appear and read your stuff. Marketing is the “HOW” to whatever it is you do. It’s one of the most important skills to become successful.

The reason most people aren’t successful is because they either fear or avoid marketing. For the same reason, most people are bad teachers. They’re more focused on content than the delivery and design of that content. But the delivery — the HOW — is just as important IF NOT MORE IMPORTANT than WHAT you’re doing or WHY you’re doing it. You could have the cure for cancer. But if you don’t market it well, you’ll never get your cure out there. You could have the world’s most important message, or greatest story, but no one will see it if you don’t promote and package it intelligently.

  1. Don’t Focus On Time And Effort, Focus On Results Instead

Learn to distinguish between being in the “Time-and-Effort Economy” and the “Results Economy.”

If you’re in the time and effort economy, you are focused on being busy. You actually believe the amount of time and energy you put into something merits praise. Conversely, when you are in the results economy, you are only focused on achieving a specific result. That’s when you will become truly successful.

Most people don’t think in terms of results because their security is in a paycheck. However, when you shift your focus from how little you can do to how much you can do, you change how you work. You start learning ways to accomplish more faster. You take on greater responsibility. You change your environment. And you also realize just how important sleep and rest are to achieving the highest possible results. Hence, you begin to take more and more time off and rest.

  1. Have A Firm Stand, It Becomes Your Brand

In order to be successful, you must believe in something. You must have a stand. All successful people and brands have a clear WHY. As Simon Sinek explains in his book, Start With Why, people don’t buy what you sell, they buy why you sell it. Apple is a great example. In all of their marketing, they don’t explain the technicalities of their products, they define and share their core values. They believe technology should be both easy to use and cool. If you want to be compelling and interesting, you must truly believe in something. You must have a clear stand. That stand becomes your brand. It becomes your trademark. It becomes how you distinguish yourself from others. When you have a clear stand and brand, you stand out. You are no longer neutral. You believe in something, and are fighting to make a specific change. As a result, people will either love you or hate you. That’s what you want. Lukewarm means you have nothing to say. Lukewarm means you’re trying to appeal to everyone. The riches are in the niches. Your niche is your audience. They are a small group of people who agree with the stand you’re trying to make. They are your evangelists. If you try to appeal to everyone, your message, marketing, and products will be terrible. You won’t be clear on your why, and neither will anyone else. Thus, you’ll be average like everyone else and your work won’t stand out.

So, just go ahead and do it – take the leap of faith!

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