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Fitness trackers – do they really add value?

black aluminum case Apple Watch and black Fitbit charge 2

“Take care of your body – it is the only place you have to live!”

Are you one of the fitness freaks who are daunted by gaining even a minimal sum of weight because it would make you look fat? Or fear not being an active sportsperson anymore? Me too! And so, this is what swayed me into buying the ideal fitness tracker – The Fitbit. It is my ultimate personal trainer which constantly mentors me on how many calories I still entail to burn to accomplish my daily challenge and cautions when my hours of sleep is not sufficient enough.

Since I have been using Fitbit for a while now, I ‘d like to outline to you the assets and liabilities of having one.

Compute everything you need to know here!

Fitbit is an American company that creates a number of fitness trackers fabricated to assist you and your family become more enthusiastically active, consume a more nutritious diet, have good quality sleep and thus transform yourself into a healthier personage in no time.

At present, Fitbit sells 8 different models of tracking devices, a few of them being the Charge 2 and the Blaze, each with a unique feature suited for the user’s preference type.

Albeit there are various Fitbit devices to choose from, they all still have certain features in common.

  • Fitbit helps you set a target of a number of steps you want to take each day, and tracks your progress towards your goals.
  • All Fitbit devices help you to celebrate your Fitbit achievements when you exceed your average daily score of workout and reach your daily fitness goals. Also, there are various different Fitbit achievement badge levels that allow you to set your own targets to attain the tougher milestones ahead. For example, climbing 50,000 steps in a single day.
  • Fitbit has an in-built alarm clock that vibrates on your wrist while you’re asleep to wake you up pleasantly without having to hear the annoyingly loud alarm clock scream every morning to jump you out of bed.
  • It helps you challenge your family members and co-workers by adding them on to know which cousin of yours is the most active amongst all and lets you compete with them on a daily basis to see who has exercised more and is more fit than the other.
  • It also sets diet routines for you when you login to Thus you can design your own healthy diet plan consisting of the daily average water intakes and nutritious dietary meals that will keep you fit and in addition lets you study your progress graph conveniently on your mobile phones!
  • One of its most attractive features includes that it is water and sweat proof. Thus, it makes it very convenient for the user to keep it on the entire day without having the need to delicately use the band in times of heavy rains.
  • An interesting feature in few of their models is that it beeps every hour – reminding you to break from your sedentary lifestyle, get up from your chair, and move at frequent intervals, thereby reducing the risks that come with sitting for long periods of time at a stretch.

Fitbit is although one of the most trusted fitness tracking devices, there still exists certain criticisms of the same.

  • The users get so preoccupied and absorbed in the gadget that they tend to forget everything else around them to an extend where they become over obsessed with it and give way to another electronic distraction that might cause them to waste a lot of precious time on simply fidgeting with the band for no reason.
  • Also, Fitbit, unlike the Apple Watch, does not break out the resting calories (calories that are burnt without any physical activity). Thus, it includes both the burnt out and the resting calories which does not give an accurate number of calories that you actually lost by exerting your body.
  • Some of the Fitbit wrist bands, one of them being the Fitbit Blaze does not have a GPS built-in which one of the major drawbacks in the device.
  • Although the Fitbits are rain,sweat and splash proof, they are not swim proof. Also, Fitbit is not recommended to be worn when having a shower so as to minimize its risk of damage.

Overall, Fitbit has its maximum users well pleased and well convinced that the device has played a pivotal role in discovering activeness in the user’s daily lives and improving their overall health in wide spread.

Whether with or without a fitness tracker, don’t forget to #StayFit !!

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