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How To Increase Traffic On Your Website/Blog Without Spending Money

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‘There is power in making your voice heard !’

Haven’t we all worked for hours on those articles and eventually published them, envisaging for views and comments to start pouring in right away, but received nothing at all ? I have cognized countless bloggers whinging over the fact that they have insufficient readers on their blog.

Today, I am going to share with you the master plan that we at KYABAE used to escalate our blog views to over a thousand readers worldwide in no time.

Whether you are writing for another website or as a freelancer, this article will guide you on how to create a blog that will work in favour to get you frequent viewers and, to cap it, turn those frequent viewers into your daily subscribers and readers in no time at all!

So, getting back to the question –

How to create a blog with abundant reads?

  • The essence of any article is the writer’s style of writing. No doubt that the plot of the content is indispensable for the victory of the blog, however attention should also be paid as to how the article is written and not just what it merely states. ‘‘It’s not what you say, but how you say it’ is what will grab your reader’s attention towards your blog. So make sure that your article is gripping to absorb the reader’s engaged attention.
  • Design the article in a manner that makes it easy for readers to surf through your blog smoothly without difficulty. If the blog is overcrowded and packed with loads of information, it might be tedious for people to go through your article downright.
  • Blog regularly! Once you attract frequent readers to your website, you do not want them to find the same old posts on your website repititively. Thus, make sure that you keep your website updated on daily basis.
  • You could also pay certain other blogs to get traffic on your website. This is similar to you advertising for your blog which has a limited reach, on other blogs such as ‘mashable’ and ‘lifehacker’ who already have daily regular customer shares and comments flooding their page. This increases the chances of their readers spreading to your website or atleast getting aware of your existence in the world of bloggers.
  • Last but not the least, make sure that your friends on social media know about your blog. Remember that news spreads like ripples! If one friend knows about your recently launched blog, the word will spread to a hundred more curious minds. Thus, the outcome being, more viewers to your website.

Keep Calm and go blog!

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