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Getting threatening calls from your Internet Service Provider? Here’s why..

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The internet has been a boon for mankind ever since its inception. But this boon can easily turn into a bane as several attempts of fraud have been uncovered in the recent years.

A good internet connection turning bad

Mr. Raman had no idea that he would be falling victim to a scam when he signed up for a popular broadband connection. After signing up for the connection, things worked out fine for a few months. All of a sudden, Mr. Raman discovered that the Internet was not working properly. Flustered, he called the service provider but they did not respond. After several calls, Mr. Raman decided that the service should be discontinued. After requesting the company to withdraw the service several times, Mr. Raman received no response from their side. Then, after 2 months, he received a call from the broadband company; the representative of the company informed him that he had an outstanding bill of Rs. 25,800 which must be paid as soon as possible.

They threatened him with a legal case if he refused to pay the debt. They started harassing his family by repeatedly calling on the landline and demanding money. A few days later Mr. Raman also got a call from a person who claimed to be a lawyer in the Delhi High Court. That person claimed that the company has filed a case of non-payment of bills against him and it would not be resolved unless he agrees to pay a large amount to the company.

What was actually happening?

After making several inquiries, Mr. Raman realized that he was not the only person who was in such a conundrum. Apparently, the broadband company was running a scam, tricking people into paying arbitrarily. He collaborated with other victims and took up the issue in the consumer forum and got a favourable judgement – the company had to pay the price for cheating the customers!

Next time you find yourself amidst such a situation don’t succumb to the demands of the service provider. They thrive on consumers’ fears and the only solution is to be fearless and demand your rights. ‘Beware and be aware.’

If you have noticed a similar scam, comment below so others too can beware and be aware!

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