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Here’s why you should eat before 7 pm..

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“Love yourself enough to follow a healthy lifestyle..”

Planned what you should be eating from breakfast to dinner and think you are done for the day? Think again. You may be missing out on something that can still impact your overall health. Turns out ‘when’ you eat could prove to be as important as ‘what’ you eat. And eating your last meal, as early as 7 pm in the evening can do wonders to your health.

Our body doesn’t have an actual clock, but it does have an internal clock according to which it schedules major body functions. Called the ‘circadian rhythm’, this internal clock helps the body adjust to environmental changes, sleep, and activities like eating. Thus, timing of your meals can affect your body weight regulation, metabolic regulation, heart heath and sleep cycle.

Here are enough reasons for you to eat before 7 pm:

  1. Weight loss

Experts claim, that restricting your meal intake in the window of 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. can reduce the overall calorie intake drastically. This could be because you are most likely to consume fewer calories as the time you have spent in eating has come down. Also a longer duration of overnight fast, helps with increasing fat loss as the body has time to reach a state of ketosis – a natural state for the body, when it is almost completely fueled by fat. In other words the body is using fat for energy – which results in fat loss.

  1. Great sleep

Over stuffing or eating too close to your bed time can increase the risk of heartburn and indigestion, making it harder to fall asleep. Experts warn against bed time munchies as well. Eating late in the night, leaves the body on a ‘high alert’ state, which interferes with the circadian rhythms. It also prevents our body from powering down. If on the other hand, food is taken earlier, it is not only digested better, you sleep well, and wake up energetic.

  1. A stronger heart

Restricting the eating to an early hour also ensures better heart health and keeps cardiovascular risks at bay. Those who eat their dinner late are most likely to suffer from “non-dipper hypertension”, which is a state where the pressure fails to drop properly overnight. Blood pressure is supposed to drop by at least 10 per cent at night, it is essential to allow the body to rest. If the pressure remains raised, it runs the risk of heart disease and even a stroke. The risk can be averted to a greater degree by maintaining good time gap between your dinner and bedtime.

  1. Allows systems to re-energize

Early dinner gives your brain and other organs of the body time to focus on re-energizing themselves for the next day instead of working on digestion, absorption and nutrient extraction, forced on them by having late dinner.

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