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Here’s a list of MUST HAVE emergency numbers

yellow telephone

“Care shouldn’t start in the emergency room!”

Emergency strikes without warning, and panic takes over when there’s no preparedness. Here’s an already prepared ‘EMERGENCY LIST’ for you, so that you can fight emergencies smoothly:

Police: 100

Fire Services: 101

Ambulance Helpline: 102

Blood Requirement: 104

Medical Helpline: 108

Terrorism Helpline: 1090

Women’s Helpline: 1091

Traffic Police: 103

Traffic Control Helpline: 1095

Road Accident Helpline: 1073

Child Helpline: 1098

Gas Leakage: 1906

Legal Service Helpline: 12525

Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank: 23711551

Keep a printout of these numbers at your home, office and vehicle, because, care shouldn’t start in the emergency room.

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