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Car Care Tips: How to maintain your car better

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Few measures a day will ensure a joyful ride all the way!

In this huge world full of different types of people who have had myriads of experiences, there is one experience common to all: the experience of being caught up in a traffic jam. More often than not, to our great annoyance, we discover that the reason why we’ve missed a meeting, a flight, a movie or any other engagement is a car which has broken down on the road, this stalling the traffic till it is towed away.

Make your car your asset, not your liability

Cars can easily transform themselves from an asset to a liability if they are not properly looked after. The main things in a car that require regular check-up are tyres, oil, windows, brakes, interiors, and fluids.

Tyres need to be checked every other day for wear and tear. They should be inflated at regular intervals and replaced if damaged beyond repair. The option of using nitrogen for inflating the tyres is a better alternative. Normally, oxygen and water vapour contained in compressed air leak through the tyre structure which cause a decrease in pressure. However, nitrogen contains a minimal amount of both oxygen and water vapour, and therefore, tyres remain at the correct pressure for longer.

Motor oil is the lubricant between the moving engine parts; if the level is too low, the parts will wear quickly and increase likelihood of engine seizure. The level of the motor oil is checked with the help of the dipstick connected to the oil tank. The oil should be checked every week, refilled if necessary, and replaced every 6,500 to 7,000 kms.

Windows and lights should be checked regularly for cracks, and replaced as soon as possible if they are found to be damaged.

It is very important to have the brakes checked if there is any problem at all. A faulty brake may lead to serious accidents.

The interior of the car should be cleaned at regular intervals, which includes the floor, the seats and the insides of the roof and the doors. The windshield wipers should also be changed when they have been worn down. The belts in the engine should be checked regularly for wear and tension, and replaced if necessary. The battery of the car should be checked for corrosion and cleaned at regular intervals; one should refrain from running them down unless it is absolutely unavoidable. If the batteries are replaced, the alternator should be checked as well to see whether they are functional.

The fluids in the drive train such as the coolant, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid, brake fluid, and other fluids need to be checked at a minimum of once per week.

Last but not the least, it is important to have the car regularly checked for emissions periodically. In India, a pollution certificate is provided to the car-owner after the car has been tested for emissions, which should be renewed every year. It is mandatory for all cars to have the pollution certificate.

Maintenance is not optional..!

A car accident or a breakdown poses as a threat to life and property. If you’re unsure about the method by which you should take care of your vehicle, don’t hesitate before seeking professional help.

AS A CONSUMER – let us know what action you take to maintain your car by commenting below.

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