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Here’s why your set top box stops working again and again

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The fault may not be in your service provider, it may be in your ‘repair’ service provider!

It was hard for Lisa to live alone in a small city after being born and raised in Delhi. About a year ago, when she got a job, she was compelled to move to a small city in Rajasthan. Bit by bit, she had adjusted to her new life, but the problem that plagued her for months was the lack of uninterrupted television services.

When Lisa had bought a television set, she had also chosen a leading national DTH service provider over local service providers (DTH means ‘Direct to Home’ and it refers to receiving of satellite programs with individual dish at home – this allows consumers to stay directly connected with the broadcaster), hoping that any transaction between them would be hassle-free. Her hopes were soon dashed when her set-top box started malfunctioning only six months after installation.

Thoroughly flustered, Lisa called the customer care services.

Se was instructed to call a local outlet of the company, so that the problem is looked into. When the repairman came, he declared that the set top box was dysfunctional and needed replacement. When asked about the warranty period, he said that the warranty on the set top box had expired only a week ago. Though the repairman charged an exorbitant amount for his services, Lisa paid him gladly, hoping that the problem would not crop up again. Contrary to her hopes, the set top box started to malfunction after a few weeks, as a result of which she again had to call the repairman. After examining the device, the repairman stated some minor issues and stated that some parts of the set top box needed replacement.

These ‘minor repairs’ had also resulted in a bill that figured in thousands.

Then, over the next few months, these malfunctions continued, which were followed by repeated visits from the repairman, which inevitably resulted into exorbitant bills.

Furious, Lisa decided to take matters into her own hands. She composed a detailed email, containing all the details of her transactions with the company, and attached all the relevant documents and bills to it. Then, she sent it to the regional office of the DTH company, mentioning that she would forward a copy of the mail to the consumer forum if her grievances were not addressed within a week. A day later, she received a call from a customer service representative, who profusely apologized for her troubles, assuring that she would be compensated for them.

It is programmed to stop working after a while

It was later discovered that several local repairmen often tinker with the set top boxes so that they would malfunction time and again. Then, they would inevitably be called up for their services, for which they would charge arbitrary amounts. So next time your set top box stops working, and gives you repeated problems, ensure that you aren’t being made a victim of this scam. Contact the company and get your matter resolved – ‘beware and be aware’!

As a consumer, have you seen this happening to you too? Share your story with us, so together we can ‘beware and be aware’!

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