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IDIA Strikes Again: 9 IDIA Scholars make it to top NLUs


Press Release

Bangalore, India (June 19, 2019) –In a major victory for inclusive legal education, 9 underprivileged scholars trained by IDIA (Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access to Legal Education) secured seats at reputed National Law Universities (“NLUs”). And all this in the very first allotment list. Of these underprivileged scholars, 3 are visually impaired.

We expect more of our scholars to make it in the next few lists.

By way of background, the Common Law Admission Test, 2019 (“CLAT”) is the entrance exam to 21 NLUs spread across India. This exam was held on May 26, 2019 and the results were declared on June 14, 2019.

This year, IDIA trained 47 trainees (from over twelve states) belonging to the underprivileged sections of the society to appear for CLAT. Out of the 47 trainees, 5 trainees were persons with disabilities (PWD).

IDIA is extremely proud of its scholars who battled severe challenges to get to where they are. They hail from diverse backgrounds, and yet are united in their avowed aim to change society for the better through their shot at legal education.

A snapshot of the profiles of some of the scholars is below.

Arjun Ghosh:


Son of a daily wage labourer from Rashidpur (a tiny village in the Hooghly district of West Bengal), Arjun’s story is one of our most inspiring ever! Losing his eye sight at the tender age of four did not deter him from pursuing his dream. In fact, this loss of eyesight made him turn to the law. For his blindness was not accidental, but caused by the wanton negligence of a local doctor. Arjun vowed then that such perpetrators of serious harm would not go unpunished! As luck (and a lot of hard work) would have it, he secured a seat at Gujarat National Law University. And is on his way to becoming a leading lawyer and a torchbearer for justice in this world. 

Vaibhavi Pedhavi:

IDIA scholar

Similar to most of the other IDIA scholars, Vaibhavi’s life has been one of sheer adversity. Hailing from Zirad, a village in coastal Maharashtra, Vaibhavi’s family of five has to survive on a monthly income of Rs. 5000. As a young girl, she lost a dear uncle in a boat accident. Unfortunately, due to sheer lack of legal awareness and counselling, the family could not obtain any compensation for this wrongful death. Vaibhavi now wishes to remedy such injustices. Fortunately, she secured a seat at Gujarat National Law University under the first allotment list and is one step closer to that goal!

Biswajit Shil:

IDIA scholars with Kyabae

Biswajit hails from a small village – Bhaktipur in the South 24 Parganas District of West Bengal. His father, a farmer, supports the family with a meager income of Rs. 4000 per month. Biswajit has been blind since birth. But that has not stopped him from making the most of his life.

Blessed with a keen sense of fairness and justice, Biswajit realized very early on that many of his villagers were taken advantage of due to their lack of legal awareness. Biswajit is now determined to set things right, starting from his village. He dreams of becoming a leading lawyer and offering pro bono legal services to those in need. His recent victory at CLAT by securing a seat at National Law University Odisha takes him one step further to this noble goal. Please help him get there!

For further details of the IDIA Scholars who have secured seats at various NLUs, please see

We hope that the second and the third allotment lists of CLAT will yield even better results for our scholars.

About IDIA

IDIA is a pan-India movement to train underprivileged students and help transform them into leading lawyers and community advocates. IDIA is premised on the notion that access to premier legal education empowers marginalized communities and helps them help themselves. Read more here.

For more details on IDIA, please visit our website at <>.

Legal education does not come cheap! The cost of putting a kid through an NLU these days (inclusive of stipend and internship expenses, etc.) is Rs 2.5-4.8 lakhs per year. Making the overall cost of legal education anywhere between 12.5-24 lakhs for five years! While a few law colleges offer partial fee waivers, and National Law School of India University, Bangalore offers a full fee waiver; our scholars still need donors for the rest of the expenses.

Unless we get committed donors for each of these scholars, they will have no option than to drop out and pick another (not so promising) avenue for their future. We sincerely hope that this will not come to pass. So please do help as best as you can! We are required to make an immediate payment of Rs. 50,000 per candidate in order to secure their seat at the university. With 9 of our scholars having made it in the first list, the total amount needed to just block their seats is Rs. 4.5 lacs. So please help at the earliest!

All details for contributions are available on:

For additional queries contact:

Prof (Dr.) Shamnad Basheer, Founder and Managing Trustee – [email protected]

Aditi Kamath, Executive Vice President – [email protected]; +32 4720 13613

Prateek Suri, Associate Director[email protected]; +91 96431 26245; +91 95484 55090

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