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Lawledge, a must have for all law students in India

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If you are among the law students in India, then this article is a must read for you.

law students in India

A major part of the life of law students in India revolves around extra curriculars. Of course and around out-of-classroom skill development. This includes firstly preparing for moot courts. Secondly, attending seminars and conferences. Thirdly, publishing papers. Lastly, and most importantly, around bagging internships. However, here lies the biggest problem. Because of this, a massive amount of time is wasted in finding such opportunities.

Lawledge: for law students in India

Mr. Umang Raj founded Lawledge as a solution to this problem. This is because he faced similar issues during his college days. Due to that, he decided to create a platform exclusively for law students. A platform where law students in India can collect information about all upcoming events.

It all started with a Facebook page in 2010. From a small group of students, this page grew exponentially. That too within a short period of time. In order to add more value to the visitors and further promote user engagement and interaction, the founder decided to scale up. So, he converted the platform to an interactive website by 2016. There has been no looking back since.

Lawledge is renowned for their publications of various opportunities for law students like internships, jobs, call for papers, courses, essay competitions, conferences, and seminars. In fact, they also encourage blogs on contemporary legal issues.

lawledge logo

And by the way, Lawledge is the merging of ‘law’ and ‘knowledge’. An absolute time-saver and value-adder for all the law students in India.

Lawledge: Part 2

The story of Lawledge does not end at being a successful online portal for law students in India. In fact, that has just been the beginning. Today, Lawledge has also ventured into advisory and consulting. It is now a fully functional advisory and consulting firm providing business services to startups and SME’s in India and even overseas.

What makes Lawledge unique?

It combines modern and solution oriented advisory and offers complete business solutions to its clients, Both, domestic and international. They have a strong advisory and consulting background with qualified professionals providing a variety of consultancy services. Especially designed around modern day trade practices and challenges. Their specliased team has the expertise to interpret nitty-gritties associated with the evolving policies of the government which impact businesses and individuals alike. The firm is well-known for its high ethical standards, quality work and transparency in all its business dealings.

Services offered by Lawledge

(Source: talent organization)

Administration and Regulatory

  1. Employment advisory and documentation
  2. Regulatory compliance
  3. Due diligence
  4. Financial and Non-Financial performance reporting

Audit and Assurance

  1. Internal audit
  2. Statutory audit
  3. Tax audit
  4. Secretarial audit

Capital Market

  1. Initial public offers/ Further public offers
  2. Listing/ Delisting/ Buy-Back
  3. Private Placements

Corporate and commercial

  1. Commercial contracts and documentation
  2. Business forecasting and feasibility studies
  3. Corporate restructuring
  4. Private equity

Tax and Administration

  1. Firstly, direct taxation
  2. Secondly, indirect taxation, including central and state taxes

Lawledge’s value system is Quality. Efficiency. Agility. Responsiveness. Simplicity.

In conclusion

All of this has been made possible by the team of Lawledge, headed by the founder, Umang. The team has taken the firm to where it is today. It is a result of collective efforts and hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence.

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