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Let’s Start-Up: Now starting your business is even easier (oh and free!)

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“The best way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

Nowadays, being an entrepreneur is the norm, and not an exception. Adding to this new ‘start-up’ culture is various government incentives such as Start-up India, Digital India, Make in India, etc., which makes it a lot more advantageous to start-up these days. Incentives like income tax exemption for 3 years, faster patent registration at an 80% reduced fee, relaxed norms, faster exits and easy compliance are being granted to start-ups by the Government of India, under their “Start-up India” scheme.

However one cannot deny the fact that newly found businesses have their fair share of hurdles and setbacks too. One such major issue is ‘starting’ itself – i.e., registering your entity, and ensuring it complies with various laws and regulations (such as income tax laws, soon-to-come GST laws, accounting rules, company regulations, and so on)!

Guess what – you can now start your entity hassle-free, and ‘cost-free’*! Yes, you read it right!

Welcome to ‘Business Guru’

It is a start-up which aims at helping entrepreneurs in incorporating their start-ups at the cheapest cost possible online.

About Business Guru:

Business Guru helps new businesses start-up and register their companies at a nominal cost. Currently, they help entrepreneurs form a Private Limited Company and Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). It also provides consultancy services to start-ups.

Why they started:

Many start-ups register their business as a ‘Private Limited Company’ as it is the only legal structure to get Angel/Seed/Venture Capital funding. It is thus the most popular legal entity along with LLP in India. Around 8,000 Companies and 900 LLP’s are registered in India on an average each month, but most of them pay an enormous fee due to lack of knowledge and alternatives. The average cost for incorporating your start-up in India is generally Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 25,000. Business Guru aims to provide similar services at a steal with just Rs. 6,400 to register a Private Limited Company and Rs. 4,100 to register an LLP (these charges are for payment of government fees, and no professional fee is included). They also ensure that all your statutory compliances are completed on time and that your company will never incur any late filing fees, interest and penalties.


The deal-breaker undoubtedly for Business Guru is the cost. To register a company in just about Rs. 7,000 is the cheapest in the country. To promote entrepreneurship and start-ups, they are charging ‘zero’ professional fees in incorporating a ‘Private Limited Company’ and an LLP. Furthermore, they have a ‘Money Back Guarantee Policy’ if a company is not happy with their service. One can directly get in touch with the company for any queries on the go with just one call.

Here is how you can start-up hassle-free (for free):

Get in touch with them on +91 79778 63125 or E-mail on [email protected]

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