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What makes a ‘perfect resume’?

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“The crux of the job-hunting process unexceptionally prevails to be the resume.”

Do you know what job recruiters are looking for when you target their company? What is that one special element that gives you an edge to be selected for the interview over your other competing colleagues? The answer is, an exceptionally proficient resume. An international research reveals that the average time spent by recruiters considering a resume is merely 6 seconds before making an initial decision on the candidate, while 76% of these resumes are rejected due to an unprofessional email address mentioned in the resume.

These recruiters are deluged with resumes and so are always looking for ways to weed out the applicants. Thus, it is imperative for you to win them over fast. To know how, continue reading..

Here are a few important ways to make your resume stand out:

  • Incorporate conscientious and business – like language in your resume.

Make sure that every statement is brushed with good use of vocabulary. Also, the qualifications well-polished with professionalism. This will assure the reader that the person is an eligible candidate for the job as he has a good hold over the language and thus knows what level of proficiency is expected of him. However, do not overload your resume with too many complex sentence structures as this could mess it up completely, making it exhausting for the recruiter to comprehend.

  • Tailor your resume according to the job you are applying for and calibrate it in a manner that clearly proposes you as the best suitable candidate for the role.

Make sure the qualifications mentioned in the resume are relevant. Stick to those that are essentially required in the job, giving focus on that attribute of yours, which is most needed by the firm making it your USP.

  • Make sure to use a pertinent format in your resume that grabs the attention of the reader.

Also, use an easy-to-read font such as ‘Ariel’ and ‘Georgia’. Make sure that the font size reaches a minimum of 11 pt to make it easy on the eyes.

  • Do not go negative in any of your sentences.

Make sure to exclude any politics or your confidential opinions. Especially about the past working experiences you have had working with another firm! Also ensure that no hobbies and personal qualities are mentioned. Stick to the subject matter only.

  • Design your resume to tell your story.

Blend it with your achievements and experiences over the years to legitimize how you have advanced substantially through time.

  • Quantify all statements with numbers and statistics wherever required.

This will add precision to your resume, giving accurate values supporting each accomplishments in the past – such as scored 94.16% in the 12th standard examinations)

  • It is quintessential to keep updating your resume every 6 months to tailor every job opportunity that comes your way.

This will reflect the professionalism and discipline of the candidate, to impress the recruiter on the candidate’s overall virtue.

  • Use the last section on the sheet to include distinctive extra-curriculars to make you stand out of the crowd and bring it to your advantage.

Stress on your special skills and include your past volunteering experiences if any.

  • Want to turn a good resume into a great impression?

Don’t forget to include an equally good cover letter.

Always remember that ‘your resume is the judge to infer what gets your foot in the door for a new job today.’

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