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Have too many clothes yet nothing to wear? Here’s how you can make money off them and buy more..

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“Opportunities to make money are everywhere – just keep your eyes open!”

It was on a busy Monday morning that I was faced with a difficult decision. The day began as usual. I was almost prepared to leave the house. Then, to my utmost horror, I discovered that I did not have any suitable clothes to wear.

I took a closer look at my wardrobe, which was overflowing with clothes. I was left wondering how one can run out of things to wear. And how there was no place in the wardrobe for more clothes. Almost frantic, I called up a friend of mine. She came up with an easy solution:

I should rent out my clothes, make a quick buck, and buy more!

In an increasingly busy life, with a busier social calendar, it is difficult to repeat outfits for gatherings. And, a special thanks to social media that captures pictures from every event. It may not be practical or even feasible to buy a new outfit for every occasion. What do you do then? Just Rent It! The practice of renting clothes is quite common in USA and Europe. And now, it is gaining steady popularity in India, especially in the metropolitan cities.

Most people have a collection of occasion-specific clothes which are not worn after the occasion is over. More often than not, those clothes cost a fortune. This makes it difficult to part with forever. On the other hand, when we see those clothes gathering dust which had burnt a hole in our pocket, it leads to a feeling of guilt. In such situations, renting out those clothes is the most feasible option.

Renting of clothes may be done in a small scale or a large one…

The process of renting out the outfits depends on the clothes that are to be rented out. In case of regular work-wear, apparels of daily use and mostly non-branded garments, it is prudent to rent them out locally to friends and acquaintances. You will be surprised to know that this is already a very common practice in several areas across the country. Normally, the price charged is 8%-18% of the cost of the garment for 2 days (although, it may vary due to various reasons). The number of people who take the clothes on rent can be easily increased through word of mouth and references from satisfied clients.

In case of designer outfits which are mostly used as party-wear, it is more feasible to rent them out through online platforms which operate nationwide. This gives you the opportunity to expand your business beyond the locality, while the majority of the responsibility for the safekeeping and transportation of the articles is taken up by the online platform.

Some sites where you can immediately start renting your clothes are:

Along with clothes, people also rent out shoes, bags and jewellery, which also helps them fund their next big purchase!

Thus, by renting out clothes, it is extremely easy to earn your own keep.

Happy renting!

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