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Taking “Parenting” to a different level in the virtual world

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“ Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do! ”

In India, you will find end number of parents, especially mothers, who want to know or want to share a lot about “parenting”. Being a new mommy is not only challenging, but also makes the role difficult for many, especially those who are either staying away from their families or can’t get in touch often with them, in emergency situations.

To bridge this gap, an initiative has been taken by Shalu R Varadkar, who happens to be an entrepreneur by profession, an event management and HR consultant, and the successful founder of a rapidly growing parenting forum- MW-Mommies World For U & Me. 20161011_191838The KYABAE Team interviewed her, and got fantastic insights into parenting in the 21st century!

What is Mommies World For U & Me (MW)?

Mommies World (For U & Me) was launched on Facebook in April 2015 with the goal of helping fellow moms in the difficult and challenging journey of motherhood. The year has changed, and what started as a small WhatsApp group for few moms is now a community of more than 65,000 mommies across the globe! What are all these women coming together for? Well, the mission is simple – help each other regardless of time, age or judgment

How is MW helping mommies, virtually?

MW believes in NO MEDICATION therapy, we have had our grandparents and parents, who raised us with fewer medications and more home-remedies. We are connected to thousands of mothers worldwide, on all social platforms and we support them by getting right remedy for everyone in family. We know that doctors are the best judge for any medical problems and for the same, we make sure to tag/connect the professionals in forum. MW has become such a fast paced and growing family that it takes no times for any member to get solutions of their any problems. The best part of the forum is every time; you will find mothers, helping each other with same passion, warmth and support.

Parenting Lessons! Yaay OR Naay?

Nobody can judge your parenting and neither have any right to shame you down. These new mommies often are traumatized or judged for their parenting skills or behavior. Parenting is something, which is learned, understood and loved, gradually and that’s where Mommies World For U & Me plays an important role. Our expert mommies, professionals who conduct workshops, psychologists, child behavioral experts who shares immense knowledge and give great time to our members, when in need.

Who are getting benefitted from this platform and how is technology helping mommies in raising their kids in the 21st century?

MW- Mommies World For U & Me, not only benefit new mommies to get solutions to their problems but also support women-empowerment. By giving platform to “Mompreneurs” (Mommies who are working from home), we ensure that moms get the best of products and in lesser prices than companies sell. We have good number of Mompreneurs who have their small scale business but yet much reliable, hygienic and satisfactory products. This not only satisfies mommies but gives business and boost to our business women. We don’t say that products which are available in market, aren’t good but not everyone can afford the same diaper/powder/lotion or any women friendly /skin products and hence this supportive platform for everyone.

We believe in rising and shining together. We know that every single effort, which is taken by us, can change lots of lives and has been changing almost every day. We would also insist every mommie to be a part of his forum and connect to best of the people in your life.

Mommies World For u & Me is the ONLY friendly forum where we share, we listen, and we live everyday!

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