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This technology gives every consumer the ‘power of manufacturing’..

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“Create your own world – quite literally now!”

Can you imagine that a damaged organ in your body can be replaced by an organ which is printed? Well, this is almost a reality now – thanks to 3D printing!

Have you ever felt as if you are living in the time of a third industrial revolution? Futurologist Jeremy Rifkin definitely thinks so. He believes that we are about to witness the onset of another industrial revolution with the advent of 3D printing technology. 3D printing is the process by which a three-dimensional solid object can be made from a digital file. It works by printing it layer by layer.

Here is how it works:

3D printing techniques are employed in industries including aerospace, architecture, automotive, defence, and medical replacements. Some scientists have even tried to develop food through 3D printing. Additive manufacturing in combination with cloud computing technologies allows decentralized and geographically independent distributed production. For example, with a working internet connection and a 3D printer, any person in any corner of the world may have access to a certain product which is not locally available. Many companies also allow consumers to customize objects. And then order the resulting items as 3D printed unique objects. This technology took a huge leap when recently the German car manufacturer BMW used 3D printing to restore Elvis Presley’s BMW 507 race-car. This was after it was discovered in a pumpkin factory!

3D printers are available at various online stores in India such as:

Almost every day, scientists are discovering ground -breaking methods by which 3D printing can be used in our everyday lives. We are waiting with bated breath till the day comes when everything we need can be accessed through just a printer!

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