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Thinking of purchasing electronics online: here are the pros and cons

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“Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist 😉 ”

For the last few years, I am in a hot and cold relationship with my refrigerator. For more than four years now, it has been a member of my household. It has supported me through scorching summers and sweltering monsoons. However, through the last eight months, it had been systematically breaking down once in every other week.

Although in the days following the mechanic’s visit, the refrigerator was almost as good as new. Bu then, it started breaking down more often out of the blue. Last night, it betrayed me for the second time in a month. And I decided to break free from the vicious cycle. I decided to get a new refrigerator for myself.

However, I was faced with a new dilemma: whether to buy electronic goods online or not. This made me put on my thinking cap. And I began to research the pros and cons of buying electronics online.


  • Some goods are sold online at drastically lower prices. Very often, they do not include the profit of the e-commerce platform. In fact, they often sell below even their cost price to boost their popularity.
  • Online shopping provides greater options to choose from and include a variety of products from different brands. This is unlike shops which sell the products of a certain brand. All the various products manufactured by several different companies can be seen on one common platform. And comparisons can be easily drawn to select the ideal product.
  • Online shopping allows the customer to compare prices from different sites. This otherwise becomes cumbersome when one is physically visiting different shops. Sites such as enable the shopper to determine where is the product available for the cheapest price.
  • Online shopping sites dedicate an entire section to customer reviews. These are often extremely helpful in determining a purchase.


  • While shopping online, it is impossible to physically inspect the product before buying. This always leaves room for some insecurity. Often, the pictures and descriptions are misleading. And it is imperative to read the customer reviews carefully before making the purchase.
  • Sometimes due to extra charges incurred due to VAT, other taxes and shipping charges, one ends up paying more than the in-shop price. At times, the product is shown at a massive discount, but the MRP is inflated. It is important to verify the MRP from other sites, and from physical stores, where possible.
  • There is always a chance of receiving a duplicate product, or a product damaged in transit. In these cases, returning products also becomes an unnecessary hassle. Some websites make it mandatory for the customer to ship the product to the seller, incurring further expenses.
  • While online payment is getting easier and secure by the day, it is still not foolproof. Credit card information can be hacked, there are chances of credit card frauds, or bank accounts being hacked if one isn’t careful while making online payments.

Thus, by judging the pros and cons, online purchase of electronics should be carried out.

By keeping in mind a few points to take care of, you might be able to grab a sweet deal at a sweeter price.

Happy shopping!

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