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Weird laws across the world that will leave you spellbound!

weird laws

If you can’t blow them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit – welcome to the most weird laws across the globe that will make you go whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!

weird laws - billboards are banned in Hawaii
Hawaii wants itself to be a big billboard of beauty and parties!
weird laws - you cannot share your Netflix password in Tennessee
Our sympathies to the Tennessee residents!
weird laws - married women can drink only 1 glass of wine in Paz
Bye bye singlehood and wine!
~the husband better be worth it~
weird laws
Put in the efforts for making an actual castle, maybe?
No wonder the rates of depression are so high in Japan!
That’s the rule in the fashion capital of the world!
What has the world come to…
You can't die in Sarpourenx without booking a plot in the local cemetery
We’d love to know how they punish the dead!
weird laws - divorced or widowed women can't skydive on a Sunday afternoon in Florida
[email protected]@$#$#%$%*$%(*#*&%$^@#&^#@&
It is illegal to sing loudly in Honolulu after sunset
You may not be permitted sing, but you can surely party in Hawaii (the land with quite a few weird laws)
Good luck if you need to pee at night!
Love thy dog!
weird laws on baby names in Denmark

How would you rank these weird laws on the basis of their weirdness?

For all you law students out there, have you checked this out yet:

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