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And the winners of the #AreYouKaabil Contest are..

“If you would talk to your daughter about safety, talk to your son about consent!”

Through the #AreYouKaabil Contest, we received several suggestions and solutions on how can women overcome a situation of eve teasing or attempted molestation.

And, these are our winners, the real #KaabilHeroes 

Misty Basu:

I remember once me and my bff were heading towards her home and it was quite late. The lane was deserted & we were anxious to reach home soon. Suddenly a goon appeared from one corner and started following us. We tried to evade him but he continued passing loose remarks and tried to be sleazy and then an idea struck my mind. I just faked a call to police and played the police ringtone on my phone. The goon got hell scared, said sorry and ran away. We returned home safely & giggling.
(Misty, a truly creative way to tackle the situation!)

Kumar Gaurav:

I think women need to be more equipped to fight abusers. Carrying a loud personal alarm that attracts attention is a method used in several western countries. Mantra is shout-out, raise your voice, show them you are not afraid. Whenever an idiot is eve teasing or attempting molestation, take out your smart phone and just that one click of Facebook Live video will definitely bring a fear around. Use panic button offered by many safety apps to alert your loved ones about your status.
(Kumar, these simple, yet powerful, techniques are indeed beneficial!)

Abhishek Agarwal:

I will shout any common girl name, before they approach her .They will not tease her assuming that someone is with her . May be eve teaser shall leave that particular place. I Think this is the way to work out other than fight.
(Abhishek, that’s a handy one!)

And, a special mention also goes to Siddhant Sanghvi, who has a message for the entire country..

“In an unfortunate event of eve teasing or molestation attempt on a person, quite often the unwanted attention is shifted on the victim rather than on the offender. Questions arise as to why was the victim dressed inappropriately or what was she doing in such an area. Its time to change this thinking and ‘Uno-It’ too. In such an event, the most appropriate thing to do is to raise your voice loud enough for others to hear it not only for them to assist you in teach the offender a lesson but also to make a difference by proving that it is not difficult to raise your voice and to encourage people by standing up for the victim irrespective of the fact she is your friend or a complete stranger having witnessed the act. Raising your voice doesn’t only mean shouting, but to take appropriate actions too. There will be times when support from people wont be available. But hey, that shouldn’t stop us from doing our part as it is said that all it takes it one person to make a difference.”
(We wish that every citizen understands and follows this!)

Congratulations, and enjoy the show!

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